Sample Schedule


7-8:30 pm       Pizza Party Dining Hall

        8:45         Worship Chapel

      10:15         Kick-Off Party Chapel

      11:30         In Cabin & Lights Out (midnight)



8:00 am         Breakfast Dining Hall

     9:15          Worship Chapel

    11:00         Church Devo Time Room Assigned

    NOON         Lunch Dining Hall

1-4:00pm       Free Time See Book for Options

     4-5:00       “ALL PLAY” Chapel (Games involving everyone)

        5:30        Dinner Dining Hall

        7:00        Worship Chapel

        8:30        Church Devo Time Same Assigned Room

        9:30        Late Night Rotations Be Surprised!

      11:30        In Cabins, Lights Out Midnight!



8:00 am           Breakfast Dining Hall

         9:15        Worship Chapel

       10:30       “Ring That Bell!”

        11:00       Load up & Depart for Home