2021 Summit Summer

RESERVATIONS open March 1st

For students completing 6th-12th grades 

Week #1 June 14-18

Week #2 July 12-16

GROUP LEADERS FROM CHURCHES RESERVE SPOTS to bring adult sponsors & students. If you are an individual NOT associated with a local church, please call our office to connect.

Cost: $300 ($50 deposit/camper due with reservations)

WORSHIP BAND: Jason Waller and Band

https://jasonwallermusic.com/ Spotify, YouTube, IG, fb & Twitter

CAMP PASTOR: Runks Runkles

http://Runks.com, fb @Runks, Twitter @RunksRunkles, IG @runksrunkles

What is Summit Student Camp?

Summit is a student camp that will provide culturally relevant biblical truth. Our backbone of teaching is “Win, Disciple, Send”.

WIN – to have a chance to meet Jesus Christ for the first time or to reconnect with Him

DISCIPLE – to grow in a deeper relationship with Christ

SEND – to go out prepared to share about Christ in a spiritually dark world

Each year these elements will be covered so that no matter where your student is at in their walk, they will have the opportunity to hear from God.