Black Light Dodgeball

Looking for a late night activity? We have a new one for you and it’s called DODGEBALL… Black Light Dodgeball that is. Add a new twist to the classic game of dodgeball by playing it in a Black Light filled gymnasium. All the dodgeballs, cones and even the brightly colored clothes of the players will glow in the black lights. Spice it up even more by bringing some neon-colored face paint. All dodgeballs and cones are provided and the black lights will be installed for your reserved time. Due to popularity, Black Light Dodgeball can now be played anytime during the day as well as after dark. Additionally we have added a sound system playing high energy music to increase the intensity of this game.

Price for Black Light Dodgeball is $60 per hour.

Call now to schedule your Black Light Dodgeball reservation at 719-481-2482×14. We recommend booking all REC activities at least 30 days in advance to ensure availability and assist with scheduling of staff.