When booking your event, let us know when your campers would like these open!


Take home a piece of Ponderosa! A smiling face will be ready to greet you while you shop for that special something to remind you of the time here at Ponderosa. We offer long/short-sleeve T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, vests, ball caps, beanies, mugs, jewelry, and dozens of souvenirs - from stickers & fidget spinners to stuffed animals & rubber duckies. Prices range as low as $0.25 for kids trinkets to nice name-brand jackets that are $45.


A favorite hangout for most campers! Offering hot popcorn, nachos, funnel cakes, ice cream/frozen treats, chips, candy, various drinks, and most popular... ICEEs! When selecting an ICEE, you must know how to order. We have 2 flavors (cherry & blue raspberry) but their names are SMURF, SUNBURN, or mix them together for a CAPTAIN AMERICA!

So make sure to stop by and munch on your favorite snack while you're here hanging out with friends and family!