3rd Annual BenchMark

February 2 – 4, 2018
For: 4th - 6th grades
Cost: $125 = $25 Deposit Dec 18th, $100 Jan 22nd
Registration Deadline: January 22, 2018

*Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable after January 22

Promotional Card (Front)

Benchmark Promo Card (Front)

Promotional Card (Back)

Benchmark Promo Card (Back)

The DHS required ratio of Sponsor-to-Students is 1:6, Men:boys, Women:females. Please work diligently to provide sponsors for your campers and keep us informed if you need help from another church to cover this ratio for your students.

SPONSORS: In addition to completing the Camper Registration, please provide a paper copy of your most recent background check (no older than 2 years).


  1. GROUP LEADER: Must complete Group Registration (BLUE BUTTON) before campers can register. Once this has been completed, your group name will be added to the camper registration, and we will provide the link for you to share with your campers to the GREEN BUTTON below.
  2. GROUP LEADER: Mail deposit ($25/camper) to Ponderosa for estimated # of sponsors and students to secure your reservation. Your camper spots will not be secured until this has been received in the Ponderosa Office.
  3. ALL CAMPERS (Sponsors & Students): Must complete registration through the GREEN BUTTON or link provided by Group Leader. NO OTHER PAPERWORK IS REQUIRED FOR STUDENTS!
  4. SPONSORS ONLY: Need to provide a paper copy of a background check (within the past 2 years).
Click Here to Register Your Group Online
GROUP REGISTRATION To be completed by Group Leader only
Click Here to Register Online
CAMPER REGISTRATION To be completed by Sponsors and Students
Registration Deadline is: January 22, 2018


WORSHIP: “Summit OK Collective” Jared Epling & Band

Summit OK Collective Summit OK Collective is a group of believers that wants to point people to Jesus through the worship experience. They are a part of a local body called Summit Church, but they have a heart for the Big C church to be united and to proclaim the name of Jesus to the world. They want Jesus to be the hero of every story that comes out of the opportunities they lead.

CAMP PASTOR: James Wagstaff

James Wagstaff James Wagstaff has been the Lead Pastor at North Metro Church, Thornton since 2006. James and Cindy have been married for 23 years and have three children: Gabby, Joshua, and Maddie. James grew up near London, England, while Cindy is originally from the Bay Area. They met in New York, lived in Houston, and moved to the mountains of Colorado in 1999. It is a long story…

James loves to teach God’s Word and apply its timeless truths to current culture and life. He attempts to make sure messages are founded upon Biblical truth, are relevant, and touch different learning styles; infusing media, props, and object lessons, songs when appropriate.

Education and learning are an important part of his life. James has a BA in Media and Print Journalism from the University of Westminster (London), an MA in Leadership and Education from the University of Colorado, an M. Div. equivalency from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and is planning on completing a Doctor of Ministry from Gateway Seminary in 2018.

James has a passion for local and international missions, leading teams to Africa (five times), India (twice), Thailand, and his home country of England. James has served on the Executive Board of the Colorado Baptist General Convention and is currently on the leadership team of New Hope Initiative as well as the Ponderosa Management Committee.

James has written and taught a New Testament survey, edited an Old Testament survey specifically for Indian pastors, and has written a book on basic Christianity. James’ true love—behind God, Cindy, and the kids—is football (soccer), tennis, golf, skiing and pretty much every sport imaginable as long as there is a competitive element involved. James completed his first Tough Mudder in 2017 and looks forward to his next adventure, wherever and whatever it may be!

Ponderosa is a special place to James. He has spoken at PEAK Kids Summer camp many times and is blown away how God uses Ponderosa camp and staff to change and transform lives. He is privileged to Pastor Benchmark in 2018.